Santorini Sunset

Santorini Sunset

Windmill at Thira as the sun goes down


Paradise Lost

The thing about Greece is that, other than the wonderful weather, it’s quite like Ireland was before the “Nanny State”.

There are very few rules and regulations and most people enjoy life despite having very little.

On a recent holiday to the Greek Islands, Rhodes and Santorini, we spoke to many of the locals, who felt lost and confused about what to do about the Greek debt crisis. Most blaming the euro for all their problems and wanting to return to the Dracma and simpler times.

Unlike Ireland, the average salary in Greece is about 9k a year. There’s no way they can afford further austerity measures.

Whatever happens next, their new coalition government must ensure that they keep attracting tourists as other than shipping, tourism is their main industry. If they lost the tourists, paradise would be truly lost.